Al Falah Charitable Foundation (YDSF)

Giving is more related to human worldview towards life. No matter how small we give for humanity, the contribution will still have big meaning. Even when we do not own any wealth, we can be a donor by contributing our thought and energy.

The world will become more friendly and meaningful if we all become empowerment agent. If such movement expands, we believe that poverty, underdevelopment and brainlessness will be no longer occurring in Indonesia.

In the middle of the struggle against poverty, underdevelopment and brainlessness, indeed there is still a dot of hope left. There are some among us who are willing to share with others. They are those who have spirit to share some of their own for the poor.

Founded in March 1st 1987 the benefit of Al Falah Charitable Foundation (YDSF) existence has been enjoyed in over 25 provinces in Indonesia. The achievement paradigm of YDSF as a fund empowering institution leads YDSF to be a trustful institution in managing tithes, donations and alms (TDA) in Indonesia.

More than 185.000 donors with various potencies, competencies, facilities, and authorities from bureaucrats, professionals, private, and society have been tied together with YDSF in creating dhuafa care community. They, with all of their best capabilities have given their contribution, love, and care developing this country.

Legalized officially to be a national tithes management institution by the Minister of Religious Affairs’ Letter of Decree No. 523/2001, YDSF has become an entity that pays much attention on universal humanity. Through its trustable distribution and empowerment fund division in education, propagation (dakwah), mosque, orphan, and humanity, YDSF has convinced its donors in distributing fund efficiently, effectively, productively and based on sharia compliance.

As a TDA management institution whose benefit enjoyable more and more, YDSF may God willing become your trustable partner,

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